Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween Birthdays & YouTube Channel Update!

Evenin' All! 

So, this will be my last blog post that I'll write at the age of 35, because once 'Witching Hour' strikes on the 31st I will be yet another year older. 36 years on this planet! Jeez, that year flew by like the proverbial excrement of a coal shovel! So, my week will consist on working, carving jack'o lantern, dressing up like a lunatic and eating lots of stuff I shouldn't eat. It's quite similar to every other week of the life since school to be honest.

I have been busy however, with a few new bits and pieces written and a big overhaul of my YouTube channel. I thought it was time, as I had been neglecting it. So now it's going to get crammed full of retro gaming goodies and the odd rant about society. Focusing of course on the various degenerates that board my bus daily. For example, I had two of the most upstanding people of the area the other day. Neither paid, one tried to sneak on the back doors, and both were drunk. One said his excuse for not paying was because he had just got out of prison. (??!!) and eventually the slagging match ended with me calling the police. Needless to say, they are barred permanently from my bus. Lovely people.

Anyway, below are several links to my new videos. (Blogger is being an arse and not letting me post the vid-links directly!) I talk about the Amstrad GX4000 (Shock! Horror!) Play some games on it with commentary and tell you about 3 of the most obscure items in the video gaming stash. Big shout to edt1138 for asking the question, you can visit his YouTube channel here. Enjoy.

Novabug's Retro Games

The Pixel Empire

It's the second round of Halloween horror reviews on TPE, 4 spine-chillers for you to read about featuring the classic Doom, the remake of Alone in the Dark, Soul Reaver's second outing and the seminal Resident Evil sequel. What are you waiting for? Get your vampire hunting steaks out and you zombie-decapitating sawn-off, and creep over to The Pixel Empire. Woooooooooo... (cough cough!)

Right, 35 year old Novabug signing off, see you when I'm 36, that's if old age doesn't cripple my typing fingers or debilitate my computer knowledge. 

Bug... 'Out!

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