Monday, 31 March 2014

A - Arkanoid! Breakout goes into Space...

Released in 1986 by Taito, Arkanoid was the updated version of the classic arcade hit Breakout. You are presented with a wall of bricks which you have to destroy with a ball and bat. Basic stuff, but Arkanoid span a ridiculous sci-fi story into this concept, adding power-ups and boss battles into the game. The CPC version was colourful and faithful to the original coin-op, however it suffered from slow-down and the occasional glitch, making it harder to play than it actually was. I did enjoy it profusely however due to it's simplicity, bright colours and effective sound. Out of all the Breakout clones, it is the benchmark of how this game can be expanded to a more involved and lengthy title, and the CPC does a half decent job.

Honorable Mentions - Aaaargh!, ATV Simulator, Avenger

Amstrad CPC coverart - Disk Version

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Saturday, 29 March 2014

A-to-Z Blog Challenge 2014 - Let's Blog Again...

It's April, It's 2014 and it's time for another A to Z blog challenge! Like last time, this is going to be video game based again but more personal to me than before. First a little backstory: The first gaming system I owned as a child was an Amstrad CPC464, I have many great memories of playing on this system, so this is an A to Z run-down of the games which I remember the most fondly. It's not the best games, or most selling or anything like that, it's the titles which I played intensely over the time I had the machine back in the 80's. I hope to stir a few goosebumps and jog a few memories. I have not included titles from Amstrad's GX4000 games console as a primary pick, but they may get an honourable mention.

Rules are: 1 blog per day of April excluding Sundays, making for 26 blogs adhering to the alphabet. Simple, but like the title says, a challenge. Enjoy.

Don't be an April Fool, Read my A to Z of Amstrad CPC games!

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Been a Busy Retro Bee Indeedy!

Phew! Been a bit of a crazy start to 2014. I have got this YouTube bug BAD! Haven't been able to update the blog in a while, but I'm determined to make it more frequent over the year. Also, made some excellent connections and, dare I say, good new friends via both creating videos and being a member of Retro Unlim. Here is my new introduction video, just so you can see what a nearly forty-something-year old get's up too when I'm not driving buses or reviewing games. Sorry about the picture link, Google Blogger is being a pile of shite and won't let me post the actual video. And of course, I can't speak to them directly to fix it any time soon. Tossers....
8-Bit Novabug Here!

Novabug's Retro Games

I have also been honoured to be a part of the Retro Unlim Live stream show which broadcasts most Friday nights, and being a guest on not only JL76Gaming's Desert Island Games but also irreverent football show Dave 'n Yackam. Follow the links below to have a listen. It's been great fun and hopefully a stepping stone to future projects and other retro and sports fun and games, providing entertainment across the web.

Bend It Like Yackham Ep 2

JL76Gaming presents 
Desert Island Games Ep11

The Pixel Empire

Don't worry, I ain't forgotten where my bread in buttered. TPE has 4 new formats in it's library, including 2 of the next-gen consoles, the most advance handheld to date and the classic 80's system the Commodore 64. Also, God of War gets a twos-up from Shane and the big man himself looks at a terrific shooter on the Vita. What? You havn't read this yet? No excuse, I demand you visit the greatest gaming empire this very second!

That's all from me at the moment. Please, drop in on my YouTube channel or my Facebook page for some retro wonderfulness. I also take requests for my gameplay features. If I have the game, I'll make a vid for ya! Watch this space for a new series I'm hoping to do in the coming months. It should be a good giggle.

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