Saturday, 29 March 2014

A-to-Z Blog Challenge 2014 - Let's Blog Again...

It's April, It's 2014 and it's time for another A to Z blog challenge! Like last time, this is going to be video game based again but more personal to me than before. First a little backstory: The first gaming system I owned as a child was an Amstrad CPC464, I have many great memories of playing on this system, so this is an A to Z run-down of the games which I remember the most fondly. It's not the best games, or most selling or anything like that, it's the titles which I played intensely over the time I had the machine back in the 80's. I hope to stir a few goosebumps and jog a few memories. I have not included titles from Amstrad's GX4000 games console as a primary pick, but they may get an honourable mention.

Rules are: 1 blog per day of April excluding Sundays, making for 26 blogs adhering to the alphabet. Simple, but like the title says, a challenge. Enjoy.

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