Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Future is Back, But now in the Past!

Back in 1989 whilst watching the first sequel to one of the greatest films ever, I never imagined in my young teenage mind that the year 2015 would ever happen. It seemed so far away, so distant that even envisaging what things would be like was pie in the sky lunacy. Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis crafted a fantastic futuristic world of Hill Valley, CA for the movie Back To The Future Part 2, and now that date has finally come to pass. The 21st of October, 2015. It's a very different world in a lot of ways to what those writers dreamed up, but with some eerie and fairly accurate predictions that have sort of come true. In a sense.

The real Hendo Hoverboard

So, let's look at a few of those ideas of technology and sociology, and examine the similarities. Firstly, lets get the wrong ones out of the way and it's best to start with the two most famous predictions: flying cars and hoverboards. Yes, both exist in a fashion in the real 2015, but far from the commercially manufactured and ease of use models such as the film depicts. Expensive and heavy-duty hoverboards are out, they have massive limitations and are not sold in toy shops with a Mattel label on them to any pre-teen. They are in fact a stepping stone for future earthquake protection. See here, it's true! And as for flying cars, we ain't to the point of driving Mask vehicles or The Man With The Golden Gun's bronze glider. No, our flying cars look like what they are: aircraft with car like wheels and controls. So, without splitting hairs flying cars as the movie see's them do not exist.

Also, anti-graving chiropractic belts, automated service stations, 100% accurate weather service, self-lacing shoes and self fitting/drying jackets, instant hydrating pizza's, dust repellent paper and more either don't exist or are in very early stages of development. Unfortunately, there are also still lawyers as well. A prediction I wish the movie really did get correct.

Marty's Hoverboard from the Movie

However, Gale and Zemeckis did hit the mark with a few things. Flat and multi-screen TV's are common in millions of households, as is video calling and conferencing. Roads and car parks in some places are marked with lights for guidance, full holographic technology and it's implementation is getting more popular, thumb-print recognition for payments is now coming to the fore and glasses which display TV and more are in the form of Google Glass and Microsoft's HoloLens. Even the prediction of ridiculous ways of wearing trousers/pants came true. Just look at the amount of idiots wearing leg apparel halfway down their legs, underwear and arse cheeks on display, and losing them completely if they run for a bus! But strangely, Bob and Rob missed what is the most common, useful and futuristic device around. The Smart-Phone.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to gloss over these, as it turns out Back To The Future's, er, future was closer to reality than you may think. For more BTTF coverage from me, Novabug, check out my video's below.

Hope you had a lovely Back To The Future Day, it's now in the past and will never happen again. Ever. But remember what Doc Brown says, "The Future is not written, no-ones is. So make it a good one..."

Bug' Out!

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