Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Britain Leaving the EU - The Only Realistic Choice

I'll come clean here. I voted for the Conservative party in the last UK general election, and the reason? Because they promised a referendum on the European Union, and to my slight surprise they have actually delivered. However, they have loaded their argument to stay in the EU with endless scare tactics, fear factors to worry the voting public and basically, lies. I have been intent of leaving the EU for many years as it has done nothing for us on the grand scale, and this kind of manipulative behavior demonstrated by the government and the large political parties confirms my fears. Behind the happy face of 27 countries united for the 'good and liberal' cause, it is nothing more than an anti-democratic, closed bureaucracy of un-elected officials scratching each others backs, propping up the failing big business's and blindly ignoring the real problems that European citizens face on a daily basis, and it is dragging us down with it kicking and screaming.

So, I urge you for the sake of Britain's future and the other European countries to Vote Leave on the 23rd of June 2016. This is likely to be the most important vote the British public will ever make. If we make a statement to the EU, then hopefully other countries will follow suit and end this awful parasitic dictatorship that is eating away at European culture, wealth and future.

If you feel you are on the fence on this matter, or been intimidated by the remain campaign's tales of doom and gloom, I have put together a selection of videos here to inform you of the facts and the knowledge of what the EU gets up to, what effects it's having on Britain, and why leaving is the only sensible option if you believe in a free, democratic and fair society. 

Finally, a look at what you change if we left...

I wish you all well, and hopefully look forward to a bright future on the 24th. Vote Leave.


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