Monday, 28 March 2011

Novabug is a Blogger!

Yes, here it is, Novabug's very own Blog! Now, I'll give all a moment to recover from the shock.......right thats enough. 

In these words, I hope to provide you with a weekly account of life as a general nobody, who is father to 2 beautiful daughters, has a wonderful family and hopes one day to realise my potential as a writer. Oh did I mention? I also drive buses in my day job to pay the bills! Being a bus driver however, I am privy to many different people and their general emotional states, and I do see a lot of social situations that people who work in offices and such like may not be aware of in common practice. I must say, since becoming a bus driver, and comparing it to my former jobs, (I had a technical welding career cut short by the unscrupulous Speedy Hire, please feel free to abuse this company!), contrary to the public's belief and several tabloid newspapers (The Daily Mirror for one!), bus drivers are some of the finest, honest and intelligent people I have ever met. You may scoff, and think "Miserable bus drivers!", but we only get this from the exposure of being in constant contact with the public. Would you be 100% smiles and gapes all of the day at your desk, checkout, controls or any other position?? Exactly. 

Some highlights of this week would be a lost wallet and bank card, stupid questions galore (These will be elaborated in future posts), and dodgy buses to drive. More rants about my weekly bus events will follow, but I wish is keep this primary post short! 

Onto my writing activities. I am writing on Ciao, Dooyoo and Hubpages. Please have a look at my work and see what you think, all feedback is greatly welcomed as I wish to better myself and argue with you points. :) Some of my favourite pieces and the ones I am most proud of are the Red Dwarf Guide, my GX4000 review and my MG write up. If you wish to join any of these sites and express your own writing skill, please Email me and I will send you an invite. If you wish, please find me on the usual places like Facebook and Twitter

Finally, on first NovaBug-Blog post, I would like to say what things in life I find are great and positive for my enrichment: England, Cornwall, My Family (Not the sitcom), My car, My Daughters, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Queens Park Rangers, My REAL friends (Dave, Jon, Sarah, Ashley, Jennie    and Matt) and anyone who is positive but analytical with their outlook of life. See you next week!


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