Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Only my second post and I'm already 2 days Late!!!

Right OK, I'm late posting this, but I have had a busy week at work. Bus driving shifts can drive (pun intended!) me crazy sometimes. Funny how, it still amazes me after over a year doing this job the behaviour of some of the passengers, and some are Soooo miserable too, even with my chirpy smile and not-so-witty gags! More on this nest week. Have written a few articles this week however, my MG ZS review on Ciao and Dooyoo, and an article about being a Dad on Hubpages, please take a look. Remember, E-mail me if you wish to join. Find me on Facebook and Twitter respectively.

Now onto my gripe of the past week, and something which really got my goat was these so-called "cuts" protesters in London. Look, I don't agree with all the cuts being made, but at least I can UNDERSTAND why they are being made. I, like many others have no easy answers, so choose not to go ballistic about it, so why do a load of people think it's a good idea to smash up London? Does this cost money to fix, and guess where that money comes from? That's right, us, the taxpayer. I would guess some of these protesters are not taxpayers, and therefore have no actual concept of their actions. I bit of media exposure certainly to maybe prove a point, but otherwise embarrassing to the country. Only the "thinking" protest ever seems to hit home to the right people, and mass boycotts and such like would achieve this, but running around the capital, smashing Banks, Shops and Hotels, (What have The Ritz done to deserve it?) is not the way forward, quite the opposite in fact, backward! I wonder it any of the protesters had concerns about the proposed front line police cuts, because they saw the front line in full force, the very thing they don't want to cut stopped them trashing London entirely. Ironic....

I don't watch too much TV, but I do sometimes catch an episode of Question Time, and was pleased to see the London Mayor Boris Johnson on the show this week. Now, some people feel he is an embarrassment, incompetent or just plain silly, but I think he is one of the most 'human' of the politicians around. He speaks what he feels true, and laughs off any instant unfair criticism in a warm manner, and this is reassuring to me. He played a blinder on QT, and most of what he says makes sense, even though it is delivered in a rather eccentric way. Claps aplenty he did receive from the QT audience. At least he doesn't read from the "how-to-sound-miserable-with-the-world" book that Livingston reads from. Another show I caught was the side-ways political look of The 10 O'Clock show. Hats off to David Michell for pressing the actual question that was in my mind to the cuts 'Activists' (60% translation for - layabout troublemaker with no real solutions), of what they would do instead of the heavy cuts?. It seems that these guys, whilst heavily tolling the bell for doom and gloom from the governments cuts, that they harp on about an 'alternative' without stipulating what the 'alternative' is! Tax the rich they say, we already are... 50% a believe. Invest more they say, what with...? The former government spent all the dosh, and they admitted this too! Funny that even though they, rather obviously support the Labour party, the Red's themselves would have made 80% of the exact same cuts the coalition is making. Like Johnson said, Labour would make "Nice Cuts?!" A shadow budget would have been interesting wouldn't it? And don't get me started on Ed Milliband's shameless goading of the peaceful protesters, he didn't actually say any alternative policies, a good old politicians trick.
Boris always choose L'oreal Extreme Hold Gel!
 May look mad, but possibly the sanest of all Politicians?
Honestly, this is the Vulcan Nerve Grip!
 Mr Milliband have you got any answers or even apologies, because you haven't let us know about them yet.

Weekly Highlights
New tyres on the car, weekend away with the family booked, sad news from a family member, and a bloke asking for directions to Kings House, Harrow, whilst standing outside....Kings House, Harrow! Like he said after my laughter has stopped, "I'm being a dick ain't I?"

Tip of the Week!
Don't mess around with the Air Vents or plastic fixings on a MG ZS!

Conclusions of the Week...
The cuts protesters, whether peaceful or otherwise need to rethink what they are doing, and the consequences it may cause. Fuel prices are getting ridiculous, greedy fuel companies and too much tax! Congratulations to the India Cricket Team on winning the ODI World Cup, but let's be honest, it was all geared up for them right? Most TV today is total mind-melting garbage! (Ref: The Only Way is Essex, Any Katie Price show and ALL soaps!)  Do something else like play a sport or listen to music instead!

Next Time on The NovaBug-Blog - Going have a proper rant about bus passengers, and how they have to understand what REALLY goes on behind the scenes, a a self-indulgent talk about my wonderful football team, Queens Park Rangers, soon to be a Premier League team. (Hope I havn't jinxed that now!) Thanks for reading and I hope your are either smiling or angry about my words, it's all good either way!


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