Thursday, 15 November 2012

Run Rabbit Run!

Phew! Just got back from a 3 mile run that I had postponed for far too long. My legs are going to be furious with me tomorrow morning as I hobble into work. I make excuses of course, but my personal exercise regime seems to be very unbalanced of late. I work out at home, run and swim and still seem to remain the same weight and muscle mass. Agghhhh! It's quite obvious that given my age and general semi-unfitness, I won't be participating in any high level sports anytime soon. I do love to watch sport however and find it inspiring and entertaining. Well, mostly. One such sport, the so-called 'Beautiful Game' and one of the biggest money spinners has been annoying me greatly of late. I'm not going to bleat on about my own teams failings, I would going on for an eternity about that, but that is yet another factor why I am becoming more disinterested in the game of football. (That's soccer for those across the pond!)  It's this media and hysteria fueled race row that drags on, despite the fact that the overall majority of the football community in this country has evolved beyond such primitive behavior. I say overall, because in any walk of life and in any society of human beings, there will always be a certain amount of people, of all races, that insult and persecute a skin colour different from their own. Football is one sport that does still suffer from this to a degree. It's a sad but true fact. It will take many more decade before we get to a point where the matter has became completely insignificant. I have a friend at work who shares my views on this. He is from Uganda and a top bloke. Thing is, me and him are totally at ease with our superficial differences (skin colour), and use that as a source of humour towards each other. We agree that our differences make the world a much more interesting place to live, but also recognise the ridiculousness of terms like 'Honky' and 'N***er'. You see! I have to edit that in case someone reading this very blog gets offended. We actively call each other these types of names, in jest, because we are beyond that kind of thing, poking fun at those who still make such a fuss. He does not find it offensive because he knows me and knows I am in any way not that inclined, knowledge is power, and it's the same the other way. I mean, He flippantly greets me with 'White Boy!' It's just funny, do I scurry off complaining of racist abuse? No I don't! Hang on, I've gone far to serious now, this is not acceptable, so here's a video of me telling rubbish jokes.

Now that's off my chest, entertainment wise we are fully in the annual yawn-fest of the reality television programming. Okay, some could argue this medium is never ending in today's world of TV, but it's the so-called major shows that are doing the rounds this time of year. By that, I of course mean the biggest money-makers, seductively squeezing the pocket money from dizzy fame hungry teenagers drooling over baby-faced young men with average voices. The stay-at-home mom's also make up a substantial part of this telephony based income, mostly because its a bit of excitement away from the husband/football hybrid festering in the corner. Whilst I consider most of the run-time of these shows as an insult to the concept of time, a few aspects can generate a smile, but only from one - Ant and Dec's holiday in Australia,  also known as I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Of course, the age old gag that the term 'celebrity' is very tenuous to the people taking part is a given. The trick is, the public will know who they all are during the show, than promtly forget them. I mean, Hugo from Made in Chelsea? (???????!!!!??????), some random unknown Tory MP, and the slag from Coronation Street. Sorry, I mean the, ahem, 'actress' that plays the slag from Coronation Street. It's difficult to tell the difference. So we are now subjected to a few weeks of squabbling, bitching, screaming and the consumption of native animals testicles. Now that's entertainment! So who will win? The Ex-Doctor Who? The Ex-heavyweight champion? Ant or Dec's charming personalities? No, the winner as always is the shows management, giggling into their suitcase full of cash thinking "I can't believe people still fall for this crap!" But alas, we do, me included.

Tank Girl had really let herself go!

The Pixel Empire

The gaming goodness just keeps coming over at TPE. After the Halloween frights we are bringing you some really excellent stuff to keep your video game libido satisfied. Shane joins the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in both Darksiders titles, Alan takes apart one of his favourite Amiga classics ported to the PSP, and even finds the time to battle Tom at Motorstorm RC in our very first Pixel Hi-Score Duel, and I look at one of the weirdest games ever to be released on the original Playstation! 

And that's not all. In the coming weeks we visit New Vegas on the PS3 and feature 3 of the finest RPG's ever to grace the home gaming market. Enjoy, I know you will!


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