Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bus drivers and passengers.....Smile!!

So, after jokingly saying that I wouldn't jinx QPR, we go and shockingly lose to Scunthorpe 4 - 1! Luckily, we made amends by beating Barnsley a few days later, so the Premier league looks good for us still. Had an unuasl TV-free week too, as my Sky Box decided to give up. Now, having been a Sky customer for the best part of 10 years, I would have thought I would have get a good offer or deal to replace the faulty box. No, they wanted £40 to just come over and have a look, and £60 if I upgraded to HD. New customers often get this free, so I wasn't amused. Still, after 45 minutes talking to various customer services people, I finally got the right person, (they do exist!) and got everything sorted for free. After all, I am paying more for the subscription. Just proves a bit of perseverance makes all the difference! Will we writing an article about this experience soon on Ciao and Dooyoo, keep your eyes peeled.

Onto the buses, (Cue On The Buses theme tune!), it still makes to laugh and somewhat depressed on the mannerisms of the London passengers. While most adults just breeze on and off, poker faces fixed in stone statues, some have a cheerful smile and banter with me. (Rare, but nice). Mostly, these people just need to cheer up a little, and not give the impression of looking down on the guy who's 'Just driving the bus'. Like most people who can't appreciate the effort that goes into jobs they have never done, it's so easy to criticise. Bus drivers get a bad rep from things like this. Yes, there are some drivers who are shocking, and shouldn't be in a job which is in contact with the public, let alone driving too, but most drivers are really down to earth people, and take pride in their work. Teenagers and school kids need to really take heed of this. They get free travel in London, but still 'lose' there pass given to them. When I say lose, I mean give to a family member or friend, thinking they will be fine without it. While always unnecessarily noisy and excitable, most kids are fine, but it makes me laugh when some try the same old tricks to get on board, and act like you have shit on their shoes when they are caught out! One of the best/worst attempts was a guy that had cut the date from one travelcard, and meticulousness stuck it onto another. A lot of hard work for something so cheap over the course of the day. I have many things like this happen on daily basis, and it either makes to laugh or annoyed, depending on the attitude of the passenger. I suppose it's something we have to take on the chin as bus drivers, funny that train drivers don't get these problems and still get paid more....

Funny clip involving an unfortunate/stupid driver, you decide. Worth noting the Porche driver parking on the wrong side of the road in a bus stop, she certainly gets taught a harsh lesson in where to park with consideration!

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Weekly Highlights
Beating my brother at golf. Learning the entire script to 'Thomas and the Magic Railroad', 'Toy Story' and 'Up'. Working out a 45 hour paid week for 5 days work. Getting Sky HD+ and matching 4 numbers of the Lotto Plus 5. (£25, before you all starts knocking on my door!)

Tip of the Week!

While boiling an egg, don't drop the egg upon removing it form the pan, and try to pick up said egg with your left hand and replacing the hob grills with your right just after you have turned the gas off! Ouch! 

Conclusions of the Week...

Don't not burn my fingers before playing golf for 4 1/2 hours, and whilst playing golf in baking hot sunshine, put sun cream on the forehead! You CAN get what you want out of Sky TV company if you persist banging on about your loyalty, offering the promise to future upgrades and finally threatening to switch to Virgin Media. Rory Mcilroy - the most epic fail in the The Masters since Greg Norman, but you will bounce back young man!

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My thoughts on the upcoming St Georges Day, Overpaid sportsman, and why working keeps your morality high.


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