Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's been a While....

It long time since I last blogged, but time has been against me. Loads of stuff has been happening, with these daft rioters and a day to day struggle of finding funds for living, but hey, life goes on eh? I have a lot to say about the looters actually, but have chosen not to post on it, as I may get carried and away with it. In a short sentence... these girls and guys brought shame to the country and damaged an already fragile community balance in the UK.

Been hitting the review sites a lot recently too, check out my profiles on Ciao and Dooyoo for some of my work. If anyone knows of any places I can write for, please forward me the source asap. 

Now, in the TV world recently, Doctor Who and Torchwood have been keeping me entertained, but a certain car advert is really irritating me! Who would want to buy a Renault Clio because of the Arty-farty ad they have running? Why is the car hanging from the ceiling? What's with the dramatic music and Thierry Henry's mug gracing the screen? Total tosh!

Tip of the Week!
Hot Pizza Warning! Don't let a peice of pepperoni and cheese stick to your bottom lip, it burns and renders kissing, drinking, smoking,,, etc very painful indeed!

Just a short one from me, but will get back to regular blogging soon, for now...Bug..OUT!

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