Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bug is Back Bloggin'

Greetings fellow humanoids and maybe the odd intelligent rodent, Novabug has returned from his self-imposed blog obscurity to bring you many new delights. I have been plotting my first book again and trying to keep up with the review sites, but more importantly there is this...

I now write for an awesome new gaming website called The Pixel Empire. Founded by Mr Tom Clare, TPE aims to be the most comprehensive video game review archive on the net. We aim cover EVERY widely sold machine that there has ever been a game on. From XBOX360 and Playstation 3 to the classic Super Nintendo and the rare and forgotten Amstrad GX4000, we cater for all tastes, all genres and all ages. We are a retrospective review site primarily, we review games based off our extensive knowledge and experience. Of course, contemporary modern games get the attention too, and our regular headline features cover gaming throughout the decades make for a very unique and opinion based approach to gaming.

The Pixel Empire - Retrospective review site to stir memories and debate.

Our turbo-top team is comprised of our Editor and site manager Tom, myself, the excellent tea-drinking master gamer views of Alan, and the youthful eagerness of the talented Shane. The site is in it's infancy, but in time it will become a massive database of game reviews, gaming comment and genre features. If you are a gamer, or look back on those days when you were, this is the site for you. Follow us on Twitter @pixelempire or Like our Facebook page. To give you an example of what to expect, read some of our reviews below. 

Chris reviews Super Tennis, SNES

Alan reviews Speedball 2, Amiga

Shane reviews Scooby-Doo & The Cyber Chase, PS1

Tom reviews MotorStorm Apocalypse, PS3

Visit The Pixel Empire now and be a part of the Empire! Gaming comment at it's best. We welcome debate and comment on our reviews, and are more than happy to discuss with you about anything gaming on the social networking sites. 

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