Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloween High-Jinks!

Ah yes, the last week in October. It's a special time this because it has a day full of wearing dark clothes, turning vegetables into frightening faces, smearing your children with blood and then traipsing the streets in the cold begging for pound-shop sweets. That's right, it's The Novabug's birthday of course! I also think there is an old Pagan based festival called Halloween on the same day, it's something to do with a man wearing a William Shatner mask and watching teenagers having sex. At least, that's what I got from the films. Oh, and that Rob Zombie makes terrible reboots!

I jest of course, for thy, it is the season of the witch! All Hallow's Eve, the banishing of evil spirits into the depths of hell. (I poured the Absinthe down the sink...) It's a day that many people hate with an unbridled passion, or love as it's a perfect excuse to dress up like a loon, play silly games and eat sweets with the children. I hear McDonald's workers get to do this on a daily basis. 

If you are familiar (spot the pun?) with The Novabug, you will know I have a strong connection with Halloween. If you don't, prepare to be astounded! My birthday is the 31st of October, the same day of my father. It's also the same day of my first nephew, who was born to my sister who herself was born on 16th of the 6th, 1966! My better bug-half went into labour with my second little demon offspring on Halloween too... but was not born the same day. Because of these facts, I have grown up with a tradition to celebrate Halloween considerably. Also, it's a great desensitiser for my children, as artificial frights should not be feared. The real world is far far more scarier. Just to get you in the mood, below is one of my favourite little scary tales based off a real legend, it's the story of Hex, a brilliant creepy ride at Alton Towers.

So I will be celebrating my 35th year of existence with a Halloween bash with friends and family, but I also have a plentiful amount of Halloween related reading material for you to peruse. If you enjoy or dislike this part of the year, then I wish you a enjoyable time either way, albeit making yourself into a deformed zombie, or sitting in the dark watching TV hoping that the door doesn't knock to often. Happy Halloween

The Pixel Empire - Halloween Horror Special

Me and the guys at TPE choose to give you all a treat this Halloween, by sitting around a flickering campfire in a gloomy wood, telling tales about scary video games, regaling about the creatures and moments that they have brought us over the years. We all have different pasts with these types of games, but it's spooky how some of our opinions match. And that's not all. Coming up over the next few days we each have a review of a horror themed game that will have your hairs stand on end. I reminisce about the blood splattered shock of Splatterhouse, while the guys look at the legacy of Silent Hill and the space-age chills of Dead Space. Enjoy!

The annual Ketchup Wrestling contest got a little out of hand this year...

Don't forget to check out all my other Halloween related articles this week. Going Trick or Treating? Or wish to avoid such thing? Read my Hub about it for some advice and tips I'm sure you will find helpful. Also, if you are planning on carving a Jack-O-Lantern, here's a quick guide that hopefully you will find useful too. 

In the meantime, keep an eye on my Hubpages profile, I will be writing a short spooky story for you all, hopefully will be published on the day itself. Have a great and fun-filled Halloween. Stay safe peoples and don't get too ill munching all those sweets! 

Update: My short story- A Dark Walk is available to read for free on Hubpages. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

'Bug... Out!

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