Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year, New Goals...

So Team GB had their best Olympic games ever, Jimmy Saville was exposed as a nonce and the End of the World came...and went, putting a few crazy peoples lives to shame in the process. That's 2012 all wrapped people, so what comes next? Well, 2013 duh. Not a year  several of the aforementioned doomsday lunatics would have in their plans, but they could use their bought fall-out shelters as cheap holiday homes. Ah, yes, it was a topsy-turvy year with many highs and many lows worldwide. For me personally, I would like to put behind the utter craposity of my football teams performances, and the start of 2013 for QPR began very well indeed, maybe a change in the tide?!

What will be changing are my writing habits. Ciao and Dooyoo are being put on the back-burner for a while, so I can fully concentrate on finishing and publishing my first novel. It is high time I prioritised so it will now have my full attention. I hope that Vermin will hit the E-book stores in the middle of the year, but if you want a sneak peak have a look here at an excerpt of the prologue. I welcome your feedback and thoughts.

So just a short one for me this time. Have a great 2013, make of it what you will but more importantly, if you have a goal make sure to carry it out. Don't give up, work hard and whatever you hope to achieve may just happen.  

The Pixel Empire

One thing that will not be changing is my commitment to one of the bestest video gaming  websites on Earth, and we have loads of retro delights lined up for your pixelated game fix. Capcom will have to owe us a few quid after we showcase the Street Fighter franchise with no less than 5 reviews. Another Pixel Duel is looming, and we have many more new and old game reviews popping up in the coming month, so keep your eyes peeled.

Right, back to some productive writing, and remember. Vermin is Coming! Spread the word...

Bug' .... Out!

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