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C - Console Countdown! My Top 10 Video Game Consoles

It's fair to say I haven't experienced all the games consoles since the very beginnings with the Magnavox Odyssey. Ashamed really, but I think over the last 35 years I have done alright considering. Some of these machines I still own and play regularly, some broke or I sold, now to my regret. However, games consoles have been a prominent part of my recreation since the early 80's when I wasn't smashing greenhouse windows. Here is my personal top 10, based on many factors but mostly the amount of playtime they have received. I know Microsoft fans will scream a bit, but I have never owned an Xbox, nor played with one long enough to judge them against this selection of greats and not-so-greats. 
Modern gamers faint: It's made of Wood! Atari 2600

#10 Atari 2600 - Along with the excruciating pain I got from using the joystick, happy memories are included with the likes of the piss-awful Pacman port, the famous Pong and excellent Breakout. A legendary machine, and the first console I played on, starting my slow departure away from the 8-bit computers, reality and social skills. And like a Morris Minor, it was made of wood! Sort of.

#9 Nintendo Entertainment System - Duck Hunt, Megaman, Zelda and Mario! This machine is still the worlds best selling console even to this day, and with a list from quality games longer than War and Peace, it's a truly excellent piece of kit. You couldn't easily lose the game cartridges either, they were the size of a small village.

#8 NEC Turbografx 16/PC Engine - I confess, I wasn't a fan of this at first, but with a variety of unique and high quality games and a niche following, it won me over. It also holds the record for the smallest home console and was the first to use 16-bit (ish) quality graphics. Not a massive global hit, but a cult favourite.

#7 Nintendo DS - If there was a successor to the Gameboy that was perfect, this was it. The DS connected to more people than any handheld before, easy to use and smart in looks, this made it a common addition to many households. Just flip it open and get lost in another world. Literally if you are travelling on public transport.

#6 Sony Playstation - Regarded as the system which changed the home gaming ethos, Sony's entry into the console market was a barnstormer which shook Nintendo, and ultimately sent SEGA running. A massive choice of awesome games and a controller which proved one of the best designs ever, the PS was terrific. It also had one of the best games ever created on it; Final Fantasy VII. Guess how many times that game will feature again!

#5 Nintendo Gameboy - Portable gaming was made accessible, affordable and adaptable with the genius little cream box of the Gameboy. Helping make Tetris a worldwide hit amidst a minor Cold War row, the GB continued on strongly through over a decade, proving that basic graphics were no match for suburb gameplay and a fine repertoire of titles. Excellent.

Amstrad GX4000: Better than the NES! (Technically)
#4 Amstrad GX4000 - "What?" you say. "You're mad Nova!" you say. Well, no I'm not. Not yet. The much ignored and forgotten GX was a console which I adored. A machine which had so much potential to deliver great stuff, technically bettering the NES and SMS, but due to a mixture of poor marketing, underdeveloped games and the release of SEGA's pretty wonderful Megadrive, the GX became unfairly known as the biggest flop ever. Only 25 games were released for it, but I still love it, so there! Looks cool too.

#3 Nintendo Wii - A system which brought a new level of interactivity to gaming, the Wii was and is a machine which makes me smile from ear to ear. Easy to use and freindly for the novice, it's not an imposing or tedious set up like I found with the Xbox Kinect  Involving the family and friends in a way not seen before, it was a ground-breaker that all the rival companies followed shortly afterwards. It was also one of the most eco-friendly games systems too, if you're interested in all that green planet business.

#2 Sony Playstation 2 - Responsible for stealing much of my twenties, and a part of my thirties, the PS2 was just simply brilliant in every conceivable form, and many agree with this sentiment. Excellent games, smart sleek design and backward compatible with the PS, it's a machine always in the top 3 of any console list, so makes number 2 for me, only bettered by....

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (European)
#1 Super Nintendo Entertainment System - The first time I played Super Mario World, my jaw dropped and a yearned for nothing more to own this king of games machines. I got one soon after, with it's own version of Street Fighter 2. After that, I was hooked. With a massive range of top class games, technologically marvelous and the outright hardiness of the unit itself, the SNES is my all time favourite console. I still have mine in perfect working order, pride of place under the TV. Lots of gamers understand this and agree. Hat's off to you Nintendo, you created the best gaming machine ever!

That wraps up my personal top 10 games consoles. Yes, I know the PS3 is missing, but while it is a great machine too for the modern age, it lacks a quality which doesn't strike the right cords with me. Also, I have to give a shout to the Atari Lynx; a heldheld i loved also for it's cool look and graphical qualities. Feel free to make your objections and and views, would love to hear different points of view.

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  1. Yep, PS2 always will be high on everyone's list (including my short one :P). A great console with greater games, though I've always thought the Gamecube was a close second. Very nice list Chris, enjoying all your blogs :D