Wednesday, 24 April 2013

U - Un-played Oddities! My Top 10 Games I NEED to Play

Bit of a lazy post this one, but it still does the job. There is a vast selection of video games I haven't played of course, so my list of ones to play is long. I like to search out the best ones now though, and not trouble myself with new stuff which turns out to be poor; I have played enough shite games to last a lifetime. So, based off the conclusions of my esteemed cohorts at The Pixel Empire, this is a top 10 of the games I want to play the most, taken from the library of this fine gaming web-a-zine. U is for Un-played. Enjoy reading some entertaining and informative reviews, as these articles made me decide which games are worth the effort. They should make you too!

#10 Double Dragon Neon - This may not be graced with the full-on next-gen visuals, but this re-hash of the arcade classic looks hilarious to play. Tom makes a good case for DDN.

#9 KillZone 2 - Sci-fi FPS which looks stunning and has a enjoyable and deep storyline? Are you kidding me? Tom thinks so, so this gets on the list of games to play!
KillZone 2: Read the TPE verdict HERE

Double Dragon Neon:
Read the TPE verdict HERE

#8 Batman: Arkham Asylum - Another Batman game oh yes, but Alan and Shane are batty about it, so I wanna play with Batman's gadgetsGimme!

#7 Blur - With exquisite visuals, Tom and Shane are not blurry with their conclusions oh no. Not a perfect arcade racer, but looks damn good fun!

Batman: Arkham Asylum: Read the TPE verdict HERE

Blur: Read the TPE verdict HERE

#6 Half-Life - It's a game that;s been on my list for a while, and Alan's verdict just re-enforces that. Luckily, I still have Half a life myself to play sometime. (groan)

#5 Mark of the Ninja - A modern, and slightly retro looking, ninja stealth 'em up platform diamond. I'm in as Shane and Alan both sing the high praises of this. 

Mark of the Ninja: Read the TPE verdict HERE

 Read the TPE verdict HERE

#4 Limbo - A modern 2D platform/puzzle caper with some unbelievable visual design. Looks scary and sounds engrossing to play. Don't take my word for it, Alan's say is final on the matter.

#3 Motorstorm RC - Top-down racer is the same vein as Super Off-Road, this sounds like a gameplay masterpiece of throwaway fun. Tom and Alan even had a face off on it they rate it that highly.

Limbo: Read the TPE verdict HERE

Motorstorm RC:
Read the TPE verdict HERE

#2 Ikaruga - As Tom describes this as akin to The War of the Worlds, I made my mind up then and there it's a game I really need to play. Only have to buy a Dreamcast now...

Ikaruga: Read the TPE verdict HERE

#1 Retro City Rampage - Back to basics with what makes games fun is this, top of my list of games I have to play. Freedom, silliness and old skool-ish. Alan loves it, I guess I will too.

Retro City Rampage: Read the TPE verdict HERE

Now all I need to do is find the time to play all these terrific games. I hope to do this within the next 5 years! Getting to the final straight now on the A to Z challenge. What does V stand for you say? Villains!


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