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X - Marks the Spot! My Top 10 Video Game Secrets

All gamers are guilty of this at some stage, the temptation is just too strong. You can't beat that level 6 boss whatever you do, you can't just put the damn bugger down. You desperately want to see what happens next, so impatience getting the better of you, you swallow your pride and morals and search for that elusive cheat to aid you. Back in my gaming heyday, (those days are long since gone!) cheat codes and secret activation procedures were not found instantly by the glace of a website or the click of a smartphone, they were found by old skool methods. Trial and error was a major technique but game magazines held a whole host of cheating treasures within there pages for you to try out. Later on came the code-hack cartridges such as the Game Genie and Action Reply. None of these are hardly used today except for the stalwart word-of-mouth, which is abundant over the online gaming forums. Here is a list of the cheats that helped me out, or just to mess with the game for larks. My top 10 video game secrets, X marks the spot for the secret...
Vampire killers can walk on clouds. So it seems
#10 Super Castlevania IV Invisible Platform - (SNES) One of the hardest parts of the game can be made a lot easier by getting powered up to the max just before: After defeating the 3 final stage bosses before Dracula himself, most players will be damaged and low on weapon ammo. To fix this your have take a leap of faith. Just before you enter Dracula's throne room there is a screen where you can see the horizon behind. Jump off the platform into thin air and you will land on an invisible platform. Walk to the far left, and from the heavens will drop all the power ups to bring you to maximum strength. Walk back using the method of stair climbing to go up an invisable staircase and jump back onto the platform and onto face Drac's.

#9 Sim City Money Cheat - (SNES version) To gain a maximum amount of spending money removing the need for fund management do the following: Switch off auto budget and spend all the money, Set all of the tax and funding levels to 0%. When the annual tax screen appears hold down L, and continue via the 'Go With Figures' button. Back in the game screen, continuing to hold L, press X  to skip to January of the next year. Re-enter the tax setting from the main menu and put all of your funding levels back up to 100% and leave the tax level at 0%. Select 'Go with figures' again and proceed to the game screen. Release L and your cash balance should show a whopping $999,999. This can be repeated if you require it again.

#8 Blood Code for Mortal Kombat - (Mega Drive/Genesis version) Although the Nintendo port of the original Mortal Kombat was closer to the coin-op, it was completely devoid of the gore that the game is famous for. The Sega version was not so hampered with this code that let the blood flow!: In the Code of Honor screen, enter the sequence A B A C A B B. If this is done right, the text will turn yellow and Scorpion's voice will mutter 'Get Over Here!'

#7 The Warp Whistles of Super Mario Bros 3 - (NES) Use these little blighters to skip worlds without taking the hard route. 3 whistles are to be found, 2 in World 1 and 1 in World 2: For the first whistle progress through level 1-3 until you come across a white block (there's a red Koopa on it). Kill the Koopa Troopa, and stand on the white block and duck down for a few seconds, you will fall behind the clock into the scenery. Run to the end of the level unchallenged and you will be taken to a Mushroom House where there is a treasure chest containing the whistle. Whistle 2 is found in the first fortress, make sure you are Racoon Mario. Progress until you see the ceiling open. From here take a run and fly up to land on top of the ceiling. You won't be able to see yourself, but run to the end and then press up. You'll appear in a secret room with a treasure chest which contains the warp whistle. Whistle 3 can be found when you beat one of the Boomerang Bros in World 2, he leaves behind a Hammer when defeated. Use the Hammer on the top right corner of the map to pave way to a secret path going to the right. There you'll fight the Fire Bros, beat then and hiding in this part to acquire the last whistle.

With double the amount of cat lives, Mario was confident
#6 Super Mario World Top Secret Area - (SNES) Get all the power up's you need on call, including Yoshi at any time buy accessing this area: Make sure you are equipped with a cape. In the Ghost House on the Donut Plains, run to the far edge of the first platform, then run back and take flight up the left side of the screen. You will land on the top of the ceiling. Being careful of the ghosts run all the way to the right. You will drop into a chamber with a door to access the Top Secret Area.

#5 Mario Kart Ghost Valley 1 Mega-Jump - (SNES) Get a last chance to take the lead and win with this dangerous but rewarding shortcut. This can be done two ways: Method one is to get a feather and just before the last corner after the jump there is a narrow path ahead. Use the feather to jump onto this and sharply turn straight onto the finish line. Method two is tricky, but looks spectacular  Have a boost mushroom, and just before the jump of the same corner use it. If timed right, you will jump over and onto the narrow path, again pull a sharp turn to cross the finish line.

#4 Starfox Black Hole & Out of the Dimension Access - (SNES) Two secret routes here, one for reaching the final planet quickly, one for messing about and pissing the population of Corneria off: For the Black Hole, play the first course asteroid level. During the stage, you will come across lines of spinning asteroids with a shoot-able one in the middle. Get as close as possible to each line before destroying them. When all have been removed, an asteroid with a face should appear. Shoot this until the black hole appears, and fly into it. In the Black Hole, take the third ring to exit straight to planet Venom. To play Out of the Dimension, make sure you have maximum laser power playing the third course. On the asteroid stage, you will find two large asteroids. Shoot the one on the right and a large bird will appear. Fly into this bird and you will be taken to the hidden stage. Be Warned, this is for a laugh only and you will be trapped in this level no matter what you do.

#3 Street Fighter 2 Player vs Player Code - (SNES) A classic code for the original world warrior. This lets you play as the same character in vs mode and gain alternate coloured attire: When the Capcom screen appears right at the start, quickly press Down R Up L Y B X A. The chord will sound and the background will turn blue. Now you can play a buddy with the same character.

#2 Grand Theft Auto 3 Weapons Cheat - (PS2) There are many different codes for this, from changing the weather to causing people to riot. However my most used and useful was the way to get all weapons without finding them: In the normal game screen, enter this sequence oR2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up. You should now have all available weapons and fully charged.

Ryu and Ken had started legal action upon seeing this
#1 Megaman X Hadoukens - (SNES) My top pick because it combines to great franchises with one. However, it is rather complicated and long winded: A lot of groundwork revolves around this, firstly make sure you have all the weapons and items. Then make sure all energy levels are powered to the max. This takes time. Complete the Armadillo with a full bar of energy, get to the far upper ledge and by jumping off the cart and climb up. Jump off the side and kill yourself. Do this again another 4 times until you see a chamber on the ledge. Enter it to receive the hadouken power. To use the fireball, perform it in the same way as Ryu does in Street Fighter 2; Down and facing direction and fire.

Wow! who would have thought the X list would have been the longest so far! Hope you find this information helpful, but remember, cheating never prospers. Well, only in gaming it does. With only 2 letters left of the A to Z challenge  I get a bit lazy now and hand The NovaBug-Blog over to the writers of The Pixel Empire as guest bloggers. I like to keep things fresh here. They will enlighten your day with their top picks within a specific gaming topic. 

Bug... 'Out!

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  1. Used to love the cheats in mario, no Internet to help back in my day either just sheer luck and frustration!