Saturday, 7 April 2018

G: Game Geared Cubes... A to Z of Game Consoles & Computers

Here is a brand new A to Z for the April Blog Challenge. Missed this for a few years, but now returning with a kind of quick reference guide to gaming systems including original consoles, handhelds and home computers. PC's, emulation boxes, minis and mobile devices don't get included, this is a list of dedicated machinery for mostly playing games and educational software. This is valid up till March 2018. If anybody notices any missing systems you feel belong in this list, feel free to contact me. 

The years stated are years of release, not when the system ended production.

Let's continue with G...

  • Game Master/Game Tronic/Game Plus, 1990 by Hartung
  • Game Pocket Computer, 1984 by Epoch
  • Game Wizard, 1994 by MGA Entertainment
  • Game.Com, 2000 by Tiger Electronics
  • Game King, 2003 by TimeTop
  • Galeb, 1981 by PEL Varazdin
  • Gama, 1987 by Didaktik
  • Gem 1000/French Charlemagne 999 (All variants), 1985 by GEM
  • GX4000, 1990 by Amstrad
  • Gamecube, 2001 by Nintendo
  • Game Wave, 2005 by Zapit Games
  • Gamate, 1993 by Bit Corporation
  • Gamate 3D, 1983 by Vtech
  • Game Boy (All variants), 1989 by Nintendo
  • Game Boy Color, 1998 by Nintendo
  • Game Boy Advance, 2001 by Nintendo
  • Game Gear, 1990 by Sega
  • Gizmondo, 2005 by Tiger Electronics
  • GP2X, 2005 by Gamepark Holdings
  • GP2X Wiz, 2009 by Gamepark Holdings
  • GP32, 2004 by Game Park
  • Gradiente Expert, 1985 by Gradiente
  • Gemini, 1982 by Coleco
  • Grundy Newbrain, 1982 by Grundy Business Systems
  • Game Player, 1984 by Grandstand

Pictured Game Master, Newbrain, GX4000 & Game King

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