Monday, 23 April 2018

T: Turbo Twins... A to Z of Game Consoles & Computers

Here is a brand new A to Z for the April Blog Challenge. Missed this for a few years, but now returning with a kind of quick reference guide to gaming systems including original consoles, handhelds and home computers. PC's, emulation boxes, minis and mobile devices don't get included, this is a list of dedicated machinery for mostly playing games and educational software. This is valid up till March 2018. If anybody notices any missing systems you feel belong in this list, feel free to contact me. 

The years stated are years of release, not when the system ended production.

Let's continue with T... Tons!

  • Television Computer System, 1981 by Rowtron
  • Twin Famicom, 1986 by Sharp Corporation
  • Tele-Spiel, 1975 by Philips
  • Telstar Arcade, 1977 by Coleco
  • 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, 1993 by 3DO Company/Panasonic/Sanyo/Goldstar
  • 32X, 1994 by Sega
  • Turbo Twist, 2000 by Leapfrog Enterprises
  • Turbo Express, 1994 by NEC Home Electronics
  • Timex TC Series (All variants), 1982 by Timex Sinclair
  • Tandy 100, 1987 by Radio Shack
  • TI-99 (All variants), 1979 by Texas Instruments
  • TK Series (All variants), 1981 by Microdigital Eletronica
  • TO7, 1982 by Thomson SA
  • TO8, 1986 by Thomson SA
  • TO9, 1986 by Thomson SA
  • Tomy Tutor, 1986 by Tomy
  • TRS-80 Coco (All variants), 1980 by Radio Shack
  • TRS-80 Series (All variants), 1977 by Radio Shack
  • Teradrive, 1991 by Sega
  • Telestrat, 1986 by Oric Products International
  • TX-8000, 1984 by Texet
  • TV Computer, 1983 by Videotron
  • TTX80, 1980 by Bull 
  • TV-Boy, 1992 by Akor
  • TVG 2000, 1982 by Schmid
  • Telesport, 1979 by HGS Electronic
  • Telesports IV, 1979 by Audiosonic
  • TV-Vader, 1980 by Epoch Co Ltd
  • Telstar Gemini, 1978 by Coleco

Pictured are TRS-80 Coco, Telstar Gemini, Turbo Express and Twin Famicom

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