Wednesday, 25 April 2018

V: Vector Vaults... A to Z of Game Consoles & Computers

Here is a brand new A to Z for the April Blog Challenge. Missed this for a few years, but now returning with a kind of quick reference guide to gaming systems including original consoles, handhelds and home computers. PC's, emulation boxes, minis and mobile devices don't get included, this is a list of dedicated machinery for mostly playing games and educational software. This is valid up till March 2018. If anybody notices any missing systems you feel belong in this list, feel free to contact me. 

The years stated are years of release, not when the system ended production.

Let's continue with V...

  • Videobrain, 1977 by Umtech
  • Videocolor, 1983 by Rollet
  • Videopac G7000, 1979 by Philips
  • VC-4000, 1978 by Interton
  • VIC-20, 1981 by Commodore Business Machines
  • Vixen, 1984 by Osborne Corporation
  • VZ200 (All variants), 1982 by Dick Smith Electronics
  • Video Genie 1, 1980 by EACA
  • Victor (All variants), 1980 by Micronique
  • Vector (All variants), 1976 by Vector Graphics Inc
  • Vegas 6809, 1982 by Microkit
  • VDP 80, 1977 by IMSAI/Data Soft
  • VG 5000, 1986 by Philips
  • Vectrex, 1982 by Milton Bradley
  • Video Computer System, 1983 by Palladium
  • Vistar 16, 1989 by Haitai
  • V-Smile, 2004 by Vtech
  • V-Smile Pocket, 2007 by Vtech
  • Variety, 1983 by Vtech
  • Virtual Boy, 1995 by Nintendo

Pictured are VideopacG7000, VIC-20, Vectrex & VC 4000

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