Wednesday, 2 April 2014

C - Chase HQ! Cops take a Hard-line Approach...

'Let's go Mr Driver!' These were the words that filled your shell-like once the Chase HQ dept was on the case, tracking after another dangerous criminal in a high-speed dog-fight. The blend of speed, vehicle damage and difficulty was perfect, and the translation to the CPC was outstanding. One of the few racers of really high quality to grace the Amstrad machine, I was never more impressed once I'd played it because it was so similar to the arcade. Both in look and feel. Chasing bad guys in expensive sports cars was always a crowd pleaser in 1989 for me, it's a pity the sequel was not only rather dreadful, but stupidly rare also.

Honorable Mentions - Cauldron 2, Cybernoid, Crazy Cars.

Amstrad CPC Coverart, tape and disc version


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