Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Z - Zoids: The Battle Begins! Robot Dinosaurs kick off...

Ending this years blog challenge with a bit of an usual game, fittingly right at the end. Part strategy, part shoot em up, Zoids: The Battle Begins borrows it's theme from the toyline and later a comic book series, but make for a surprising game to say the least. For an early attempt to see the world as it is, from the perspective of the Spiderzoid you inhabit. Using it's control instruments you have to navigate the world, track down provisions and destroy enemies. Hard to work out at times, and not easy with the audio, Zoids is an oddity for sure and memorable all the same. Ambitious, but the model kits remain far better.

Honourable Mentions - Z, and not much else....

Amstrad Coverart - Disc Version


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