Thursday, 24 April 2014

U - (The) Untouchables! - It's Gonna get Nessy...

Although I entirely missed the release of the 1987 film starring Costner, Connery and such like, the game of the same name hit my CPC's 64k the moment I read the review in Amstrad Action magazine. I remember most notably of the alleyway shoot-out level, because it was exciting but damn hard thus replaying it was frequent. Rendered in mode 1, the graphics were finely detailed and mirrored the mood of the movie perfectly using blues, blacks and greens. In a way, this game made me more interested in the Hollywood movie scene afterwards, and although I never beat it, it spent a good deal of time sitting in the datacorder for many weeks. They don't make film licences like this anymore.

Honourable Mentions - U.N. Squadron.... (?)

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