Wednesday, 23 April 2014

T - Treasure Island Dizzy! Egg-citing Island Capers...

The first Dizzy game was a big hit, so it was no shock that a sequel appeared quickly and thus spawned the long running series. In Treasure Island Dizzy we see our hero stuck on an desert island, and to escape has to solve the many puzzles that gain access to the boat and collect all the coins scattered around the island. Even though the first game was hard, this is actually a lot harder, due to the fact that you only have one life and finding all the coins is near-impossible. However, it has all the hallmarks of a lovable game, with signature graphics, enjoyable gameplay and a suburb catchy soundtrack. It showed the direction the series was heading in, and was the precursor to highlights in the series such as Prince of the Yolkfolk. Right, I'm off for a lie down, feeling a bit Dizzy.

Honourable Mentions - Total Eclipse, Total Recall, Turrican 2

Amstrad Coverart - Tape Version


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  1. I love Treasure Island Dizzy! I have this on Commodore 64 :)