Saturday, 26 April 2014

W - WEC Le Mans! 24 hours later...

It's not often that I went back to an older title I missed due to a game based around the same idea. WEC Le Mans is one such game. In 1990, I was avidly playing Burnin' Rubber on the GX4000, and soon realised that to game was designed from the guts that were a previous CPC title. WEC Le Mans has many of the same traits as the aforementioned racer, but with less colours and pizzazz. As a 2D racer however, it's corker with lengthy sessions of racing and a brilliant crash sequence. Gameplay is excellently fluid for the time, as is the scaling and speed sensations. Honestly, I was underwhelmed due to playing it's superior clone due soon grew to appreciate the game as it was when it was released. Top racing action and one of the best speedsters on the CPC. 

Honerable Mentions - Welltris, Way of the Tiger, Winter Games

Amstrad Coverart - Disc Version


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