Tuesday, 15 April 2014

M - Macadam Bumper! Sexy pinball from France...

Viva La France! 2D pinball shenanigans with a bit of European sauciness chucked it, Macadam Bumper is a game which can take a generous part of your life away. No, it's not to do with the scantily clad lady on the game screen or the pleasing pinball action, but the utterly cool 'create' mode. Using the mode 1 graphic pallate, the boards can be exciting and detailed for the age, and it all moves at a rather decent speed. However, you get the opportunity to make your own table layouts, save and play them! I found this engrossing as this was not a usual thing to put in a game of this type back then. I made some boards which were impossible, but that was the fun of it. Rumor has it a French version was released with the women on the scoreboard naked, but strangely I haven't found a picture of this. Pity. Oh Lala!

French Amstrad CPC Coverart - Tape Version


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  1. "2D pinball shenanigans with a bit of European sauciness" - I see no disadvantages. Making your own table layouts is pretty cool, haven't come across that since :)