Friday, 11 April 2014

J - Jailbreak! Skinhead Clones on Day Release...

One cop with an itchy trigger finger and hundreds of escaped convicts on the streets? Could happen, and it did in the mid-eighties. This run and gun throwaway was most noted for it's early use of sampled speech, with the hostages screaming so loudly that you had to bypass the urge to shoot them. Difficult from the outset, the CPC slowed the game up greatly, and lost the charm of the original with the lack of audio highlights. Still, it was not too bad to play for short stints, it was presented nicely enough, and another title most memorable due to it's arcade father. Them felons were far to quick to move since they were supposed to be manacled to a weight-ball!

Honourable Mentions - Jet Set Willy, Jet Bike Simulator, Jack the Nipper.

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