Friday, 4 April 2014

E - Everyone's a Wally! A Nelly or a Nana or A Nerk...

A game that is more famous for it's accompanying Mike Berry song, Mikro-Gen's Everyone's a Wally is a fun little adventure ditty which tasks you to play as various protagonists and achieve a set task in one day in town. Fun of silly humour and zany characters such as Dick the Brick and Harry the Hippie, buyers of all versions got as a bonus a hilarious song on the flip side of the tape, one which you would be humming all day once heard. It was somewhat dull in terms of gameplay once the jokes had worn off, but still a very notable game of the era.

Honorable Mentions - Elite, E-motion, Enduro Racer.

Promotional poster for the 8-bit systems


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