Monday, 28 April 2014

X - X-Out! Not Influenced by R-Type at all...

Rainbow Arts had a good time during the late nineties with all the home computers, 8 and 16 bit, and one of the most memorable is due to it's kinship with previous and famous scrolling shoot em ups. X-Out, sometimes known as Cross-Out, is a colourful, compact, imaginative and nifty game which draws big cues from Cybernoid, Xenon and of course, R-Type. In an underwater setting, enemies are mostly biological but it doesn't take a genius to see where the inspirations came from. Even the cover art as a giant baddie who looks very similar to R-Type's first end of the level boss. Is plays more like Cybernoid however due to the water locale, and is a fine game outright. Difficult, as all old skool shooters are, the title is one that is remembered among the home computer generation.

Honourable Mentions - Xanagrams, Xybots, Xenon.

X-Out Promo Poster


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